by colored moth

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released May 17, 2016

Christoph - Guitar, Vocals
Sandor - Bass, Vocals
Nils - Drums

All Songs written by Colored Moth
except "Dystopian" by PNTL
Additional Vocals on "Second Sight - Craving Of The Id"
by Nixe and Simon
Additional Vocals on "LZRDSNC" by Leonie

Recorded and Mixed by Matti // El atea in June - September 2015
Mastered by Role - Tonmeisterei Oldenburg in December 2015
Artwork by Markus Fechner
Design by Benedict Leicht


An imagination of what life actually is begins with the abstraction in consciousness and so far as we know we are the only species that is capable to be aware of ourselves. Unfortunately, we use this fact as justification to put ourselves in first place. In the course of evolution H. sapiens was able to disconnect from nature so that it is not longer necessary to adapt to the ecosystems surrounding us. Based on this hybris we created an artificial construct called society which suppresses almost each coexsisting species and habitat.

Even on consideration at a lower level, society did not evolve as one global unit but rather has been divided into countless parts driven by culture, religion and politics. Actually, this should not be a developmental stage leading to competitive structures which disregard the freedom and emotions of the others. But exactly this is the current condition we have to deal with today. Even though, everything seems disconnected, there is a complex network we are all trapped in. Capitalism. The force that connects all structures and as well as separates those paradoxically. Connected means that we are inevitably dependent of each other for instance due to geographic location comprising natural resources, whereas the disconnection results in an unequal distribution of essential commodities. We are all bound to this fatal cycle, although history showed that this system has not been working out.

Those structures create tons of products which have a formative impact on our consciousness. But not in a positive way so that we could develop individual thoughts and opinions. Unfortunately, exactly those are formed by capitalism. One will find it all over the place, even in upbringing as well as in schooling. Rather the modern consciousness should work in a manner like: we see, we reflect, we store, we learn, we do; instead it behaves like: see, accept and obey!
However, acceptance is not a glorifying goal one should seek for. It won't make you happy and fulfilled. It even hurts to be a part. Once you have been discovering deeper levels, you realize you just a gear wheel. Though, simultaneously, you are ironically not any longer.
From now on you belong to the thinking part and you can, no, you should dare to escape!

The circumstance that all the beauty existing in immediate vicinity cannot be perceived due to ubiquitous darkness, left us paralyzed. In this manner human kind exhibits excellent abilities performing a negative feedback approach to expedite the decay of its own species and everything else.

Nonetheless, we can be the factor that struggles against those false structures and pieces all the fragments together again. Even though it won't work straightaway, it is worth trying.

christoph, nils, sandor - May 2016



all rights reserved


colored moth Berlin, Germany

We started as a trio in October 2013. Music is our inspiration, our true love and our moving force.
For us, creating music is more a natural thing and not just the technical control of an instrument.
Consequently, the resulting sounds are raw, noisy and emotional.

We like the experiment. We like explosions. We love what we do.

Colored Moth, February 2014.
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Track Name: Decay Accelerating Factor
Decay-accelerating factor.
Human kind. So lavish.

Cascades. Interrupted.
Pathways. Modified.

Control. Mind. Lives.
Apathetic. Virulent.

One kiss. Opposition.
One love. Shine bright.
Oh passion.

Swallow poison.
Blank out the cheat.
Control. Control.
Track Name: LZRDSNC
It's so sad, we lost our grit.
Entwined thoughts, then void, then split.

Echoes reach a million ears.
Toxic rain interferes and cuts the bonding apart.

Pale shapes. Bent.
Condolence. Reject.
Downpour. Restrain.
Blurred memories.
Carved but forgotten.
Chains of time fade.

Stranded in iteration loops. Repeat, repeat.
Stuck in forlorn transition states. Close to death.
Metamorphosed love in various shapes. Still trapped.
...and love is enfolded by shame.
Enfolded by shame. Love encounters shame.

Numbed by excessive demand.
Caught in anxiety of more and more.
Hiding gives nothing what’s always missing.

Fluids spread...we lost our grit.
Spinning shades...belied in faith.
Blindfold walk...then void, then split.
Dissolved shapes bleed.

It's so sad, we lost our grit.
Entwined thoughts, then void, then split.
Track Name: Second Sight - Craving Of The Id
I see my own reflection.
I crave for something new.
Scratching the surface.
Curious to know what s beyond.

Außer Kontrolle. In kontrollierten Bahnen.
Einfach ungeprüft zugelassen.
Die Richtung akzeptiert.
Das schiere Ausmaß. Die bloße Wucht
Die blanke Höhe. Zu viel war noch zu wenig.
Unter den Füßen den Boden verloren.
Mit den Fingern in der Zwinge.
Unter den Füßen den Boden verloren.
Bis zum Hals den Kopf in der Schlinge.
Track Name: Power Outage Monologue
Fail - no abstract sensation.
Fate - one sided dice.
Wait - for nothing at all.
Inhale- those distant lights.

Is this what you call instinct.
After effect – defects.
Collected ancient habits.
Serious consequence.

Dare - how dare you say so.
Aware - or not aware.
Care - this words should be so.
Stare - with other eyes.

Distant lights.
So close to lies.
So close.

This – is not my.
Is this my enemy?
What? How dare you say so?
Call it my irony.

No – it s not my fault.
What? how dare you say so?
Call it my irony.
Track Name: Fragmenting Tensions
Do your homework.
but you don't have enough time.
See it's not actually that hard.
Just follow the painted line.

Overgrown access.
Bathed in dim light.
Incomprehensible language.
Knees got weak and I...

I’ve tried...tried to be a part.
It hurts...…from the point from where it starts.
It went wrong.
Broken patience.
No result.
Replacing fragments.

Acceptance is no satisfaction.
It’s (more like) conception.
That’s why it’s always hard to try.
I will run as fast as I can.
Beyond behind (the) way down to it.
Then tell me if it’s worth.
Track Name: Fragile Spiral
I was falling back reverse
Stumbled over old stories
This brightness caused paid in my eyes
Shivering in my bones. Medic. Medic.

It is written down.
It is coming back.
Am I really safe in my dreams?
Am I still alive? Just leave it all behind.
Do I have to take this? Medic.

Wrapped in all my grief, crawling on the ground.
Paper cut and nails worn down. Opaque coma.
Lovers, lovers left alive. (Medication)
Salt dissolves and erodes my sham shelter.

Shame in tow. Who spits letters onto my back?

Same miracles, infinite loop.
And it seems we will never find solace.
It’s so pointless. Strange attractors end in a dark room.

Broken mirrors. A cut in the ground.
Spoken thoughts and a shivering sound.
Are we still safe in our dreams?
Medication to cure old sores.
Black ink descends on white walls.

Als es schon unerträglich geworden war — einmal gegen Abend im November — und ich über den schmalen Teppich meines Zimmers wie in einer Rennbahn einherlief, durch den Anblick der beleuchteten Gasse erschreckt, wieder wendete, und in der Tiefe des Zimmers, im Grund des Spiegels doch wieder ein neues Ziel bekam, und aufschrie, um nur den Schrei zu hören, dem nichts antwortet und dem auch nichts die Kraft des Schreiens nimmt, der also aufsteigt, ohne Gegengewicht, und nicht aufhören kann, selbst wenn er verstummt, da öffnete sich aus der Wand heraus die Tür, so eilig, weil doch Eile nötig war und selbst die Wagenpferde unten auf dem Pflaster, wie wildgewordene Pferde in der Schlacht, die Gurgeln preisgegeben, sich erhoben.